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‘Breathing dreams like air’


Welcome to Yardena Silva’s world of handcrafted sustainable leather goods


Yardena Silva is the creative force behind her own label founded and located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As a former Fashion student she discovered her love of leather during her years in college. Learning and developing her knowledge of design and concept development. 

Finding her focus each year more and more drawn to leather and creating fine finished leather products. What she finds most appealing about leather is, that each skin has their own texture, their own character and unique footprint. Therefor it is never the same and always amazing.

Using only carefully hand picked, sustainable leather hides for her creations which are found in small leather suppliers. Therefor supporting all national and international  small businesses in Europe. Her designs are handcrafted in small stock levels making each design even more desired.

She finds inspiration in today’s modern, free spirited women, who dare to dream and take risks. She offers a curated collection of contemporary designs, balancing between  femininity with a bit of nonchalance.

Hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact us for more information at

Yardena Silva - Designer Leather Goods - Fashion 2017

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