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juli 5, 2017 0

Oh, it’s Dean!

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  Oh, it’s Dean! Our newest member ‘Dean’ is a handsome leather top frame clutch bag. A real piece of hand-candy, stylish and structured. Handmade from carefully selected leather hides with a playful signature tassel in créme. -x-

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april 17, 2017 0


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  ‘Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you’ A beautiful and inspirational quote by Carl Jung. Always remember why you started and keep on chasing your dreams and turn them into reality.  Have a lovely and wonderful Easter holiday -X- For more blog posts and design inspirations, please sign up to our newsletter here or […]

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april 1, 2017 0

April’s fool!

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Don’t forget to prank your bestie today ;)  Happy weekend! Love Yardena -x- For more blog posts and design inspirations, please sign up to our newsletter here or follow us on Instagram.

maart 12, 2017 0

Almost Spring Time!

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Today was such a gorgeous (almost) Spring day, it was sunny, warm and amazing! I woke up full of energy and motivated to take a few photo shots using the best of natural lighting. I choose the new Anaïs Clutch Bag as my subject and the new Dust bag that comes with. The new Dust bag […]

maart 1, 2017 0

New arrivals!

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It is time to introduce you to the new and lovely member of the 2017 collection, the Anaïs Foldover Clutch Bag.  The Anaïs Clutch is a finely handcrafted leather foldover clutch bag, made with an eye for details. Combining different textures, complimentary color use and structured triangle corners. A minimal inspired bag design, characterised with the […]

januari 25, 2017 0

Delightful charms!

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  So delighted to have a new category added to our online shop! We are expanding with ‘small leather goods’ and kicking off with these adorable leather key charms. Handmade from 100% leather and available in a variety of colors: nude, camel brown, brown, black and red.  As all leather goods, we handpick each leather hide in […]

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januari 20, 2017 0

Love Pampas!

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Just recently I was trying out some new staging for a few of my leather goods. When I remembered, that I used to have pink Pampas Grass. Cortaderia selloana which is the official name, is a flowering plant to Southern America from the Pampas region. This beautiful plum on top looks very elegant and has the capacity to […]

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januari 15, 2017 0

New selling point!

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What a joy! Really, thanks to Joy Elisabeth from ‘De Goudsmid Curaçao’ and Nastasia Gendreau from ‘Izao’ we now have a new selling point. This is what makes us happy and what we work for so hard. The first collection in sunny Curaçao is currently available in their shop. It is a shop and atelier where […]

januari 8, 2017 0

Busy bee!

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Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to a wonderful, creative and healthy new year.  These past few weeks have been very busy, but also very enjoyable at the same time. Spending time with family and friends in the holiday season, working on new designs and sending out all […]

november 13, 2016 0

The beauty of simplicity

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  All new and perfectly shaped, the new Isa Wrap Clutch Bags. The Isa Wrap Clutch bags are handmade in our atelier in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Isa clutch bags are made from 100% leather in different colors and textures with a leather wrap lace. The Isa clutches shape is a structured rectangle with a natural leather […]

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