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  • Beau Bucket


    The Beau Bucket Bag was inspired by was inspired by the easiness of summer that is effortless and irresistible, with a Bohemian luxe twist. This spacious bag is crafted from natural leather and carries everything in the vast interior, letting the separate leather pockets keep your daily essentials organised.

  • Ash Hobo


    Description: As part of a Bohemian inspired collection, the Ash Hobo is a beautiful and well structured shoulder bag. Made of very soft lamb leather with a lively texture. The overall color of the bag is a natural grey with a hint of brown, combined with a matt brown leather bag strap. The bronze snaphooks give this design a more edgy look.

  • Fallon Fringe


    Description: A duo toned large shoulder bag, made from two complementing colors. Double layers of fringes for an dramatic and edgy look.

  • Turquoise Hobo


    Description: An exotic look for a fringe shoulder bag. Using different textures and color makes the bag stand out and complements every outfit.

  • Black Hobo


    Description: A vintage inspired shopper bag with a edgy look and full fringe feist.

  • Rusty Hobo


    Description: An exotic looking shoulder bag, made of 100% leather. Color wise this bag matches with all seasons, summer or winter.